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Basement Underpinning: 5 Reasons To Act Now Basement underpinning may not be a term you're familiar with, but it's a process that can protect your home, increase its size, add value, reinforce its structure, and save you thousands of dollars. While there are many things that you can put off for a more convenient time, the consequences of waiting to make repairs to a damaged or sinking basement can be catastrophic. Of course, not all situations are [...] Read further
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7 Top Things to Consider When Choosing Basement Waterproofing As a homeowner, it's your job to make sure your property and family are protected from mishap. It's difficult to predict when you might have a problem and even more challenging to know what to do once it happens. Basement waterproofing is a project that falls into that unknown area between "I think I might have a water problem" and "My basement's flooded; now what do I do?" While early [...] Read further
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How To Prevent Mold In Your Basement MOLD. Just the mere word conjures up some nasty images and gets your skin crawling, but what do you really know about it? It smells sweet, but tastes awful! Ever bite into a slice of bread before noticing that it has started to turn moldy? Bet you couldn't spit it out fast enough. It has a pungent odor. It's one of those smells that you can't get out of your [...] Read further
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Homeowner’s Guide to Finding Leaks And Protecting Home’s Foundation Over the last several years, there has been a great deal of debate about the outdated storm and waste-water infrastructure in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities indicates, that as of 2014, the cost to repair all of Canada's aging infrastructure will exceed $123 billion - and will continue to increase by $2 billion each year. Locally, Toronto's population has grown exponentially and now accounts for [...] Read further
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Complete Homeowner’s Guide To Foundation Cracks And When To Start Worrying Finding a crack in your basement wall or floor can be disheartening and cause great anxiety. Immediately you start worrying about damaging water flooding the space and the cost of repairs. You can hire a professional to inspect it, but then you're concerned about major remediation work he might recommend. How will you know when to start worrying? This comprehensive guide to foundation cracks will provide a concise synopsis of [...] Read further
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Basement Underpinning: The Secret to Creating an In-Law Apartment If it feels like the population of Toronto and the GTA is aging, it is. According to census data, the number of people 65 or older has nearly doubled since 1960. A good number of those seniors will be moving in with family members as they become less able to care for themselves. This can be a significant strain if living space is already limited in your home. If you've [...] Read further
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How to Create a Perfectly Dry Finished Basement How's that saying go? "Everything old is new again." It's absolutely true when it comes to finished basements. Some of you may remember when that paneled room with the ping pong table in the middle was called a "Rec Room." It was always a great space for the kids to have their friends visit or the perfect spot to store the old furniture. Today's finished basements take innovation to a [...] Read further
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6 Easy Steps for Spring Waterproofing With winter finally loosening its grip and warm spring temperatures in the forecast, you need to think about where all the water from those melting snow piles is going to go. If you follow the steps listed below, it won't be heading into your basement. The waterproofing experts at Royal Work Corp. are knowledgeable about common basement concerns, can assist you in finding potential problem areas and recommend corrective action [...] Read further
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Essential Guide to Sump Pumps The Most Powerful Defense in Basement Waterproofing: The Sump Pump The worst part about a basement flood is not the short-term problem of getting rid of the water. The worst part is the invisible long-term damage that may not be evident right away. Once moisture gets in it leaves behind some horrible side effects like mold and mildew; which can destroy a home from the inside out. Water damage is [...] Read further
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