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Professional Backflow Preventer Installation in Toronto
Backflow is the movement of air or liquid back in the direction it was flowing. In the world of plumbing, a couple of innovations have taken place over the years, including introducing a backflow prevention system. This article aims to analyze what a backflow preventer is, how it is installed, and its importance and recommend the best backflow installation company in the city of Toronto, Canada. Get a Free Quote

A Backflow Preventer is an Important Addition for Your Home

Backflow preventers are essential parts of our water system, especially in most parts of Toronto, where the local regulations stipulate that each house must have a backflow preventer attached to its drainage to protect both residents and the city itself. Failure to do so often attracts fines and sanctions from the local government authorities.

We are all aware that installing backflow preventers can be a challenging operation. However, if you’re looking for a reliable installer in Toronto, one who understands the drainage terrain in Toronto and the dynamics of its plumbing operation. Then look no further and permit me to introduce you to Royal Works!!!

At Royal Works, we make use of state-of-the-art facilities to ensure every job gets done correctly and efficiently. We have the best reviews when it comes to plumbing services in Toronto, and our team of certified technicians is always at your service.

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All You Need to Know

Backflow Preventer Overview

What is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer is a device that's installed on your home's water pipes that allows water to flow in one direction but never in the opposite direction. Its sole job is to prevent drinking water from being contaminated due to Backflow.

How do Backflow Preventers Work?

Two one-way valves, also known as check valves, are connected in a series of backflow preventers to stop water from backing up into the supply line. These check valves can be seen as one-way gates that only permit water to flow in one direction.

The double-check valves are used to ensure that one valve continues to protect the city water, even if the other fails. Any time the pressure on the property on the downstream side exceeds the pressure on the city side, the two redundant check valves automatically close, preventing any backflow..

Also, during normal operation, the pressure between the two check valves, often referred to as the reduced pressure zone, is maintained at a lower pressure than the supply pressure. If either check valve should leak, the relief valve is designed to open and discharge water to the outside, ensuring Backflow never occurs.

What Causes Backflow?

Backflow is caused by cross-connections that have the potential to allow contaminants into the drinking water system. When the pressure inside a tank or water trough is lower than the pressure in the water system, back flow can happen. As a result, contaminated water may get into the system or be pushed out.

Irrigation system is a typical example of a concern from Backflow. If puddles develop around the sprinkler device used by a homeowner to maintain a lawn or a farmer uses irrigation to water crops, the water may escape back into the system. The water, now contaminated with pesticides, fertilizer, and other contaminants, is sucked back into the supply line via its output line if there is a pressure reversal. As a result, the toxins in this water are spread to neighboring homes and may eventually make their way into the public drinking water supply, where they now constitute serious health hazards to people drinking, cooking or bathing from that water supply.

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When Should I Install a Backflow Preventer?

It is highly recommended to install a backflow preventer in any situation where incoming water and wastewater have a chance of being cross-connected or meeting each other. This protects you and your home, keeping your bathing, drinking, and cleaning water safe. Also, depending on your home's location and the regulations covering there, you may be required to install Backflow to protect yourself and your city from the risk of water contamination.

However, in a home where your irrigation system runs on a well, you may decide whether or not to install a backflow preventer.

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Backflow preventers are costly, and neither are the tools needed to install them properly. After purchasing the machine at a high price, surely you would want to give it to someone other than an inexperienced installer. At Royal work, our team of experienced plumbers and technicians are trained just for this. We have also installed over 20,000 backflow preventer systems across different offices and homes in Toronto in the course of the last 25 years

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Royal work is fully insured and licensed by the Canadian government. This places more confidence in our services as a legal entity.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Find out what you need to know regarding backflow preventer installations

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Can I install my own backflow preventer?
Yes, you may choose to install it on your own. However, bear in mind that first-time installations require permission from the government. This will only be possible if you have the necessary tools for the installation. It is, however, advisable to employ the services of a professional installer for a perfect installation.
What is the average cost to install a backflow preventer?
A 2022 study shows that installing a backflow preventer costs between $300 and $400. A high-level backflow preventer typically costs between $800 and $1,000, whereas a low-level backflow preventer costs between $130 and $200.
What happens if a backflow preventer is installed back backward?
Installing backflow preventers the wrong way renders them useless since they force water to flow in just one direction. A pressure relief valve is activated by high pressure in a backflow prevention system.
Should I install a backwater valve?
If you live in a region that often experiences sudden and heavy rainfalls, it is important and worthwhile to install a backwater valve into your plumbing systems. Also, the national plumbing code requires new homes with plumbing fixtures below street level to have backwater valves.
Do all sprinkler systems have a backflow preventer?
No, not all sprinkler systems have or come with a backflow preventer. However, it is your responsibility to ensure your sprinkler system has a backflow prevented installed on it. As it will help prevent contamination of your water system from pesticides and other hazardous materials.

How Should a Backflow Preventer Be Installed?

The installation method of a backflow preventer can significantly impact its overall lifespan, performance, and the safety of those who inspect, repair, or install it. Below are some essential tips for installing a backflow preventer.

Install the backflow preventer above ground -If the backflow preventer is installed below ground level, it runs a risk of cross connections due to flooding, defeating the installation’s aim in the first place. It should also be at least five feet from the ground to ease repairs.

 It is advisable to install it in an outside position because if installed inside, it poses a risk to the property and maintenance personnel who will be looking after it. And if you must install it indoors, make sure it’s twelve inches above the ground and four feet.

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