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Sump Pump Installation Toronto

A sump pump instillation will prevent flooding in your basement
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The struggle to keep water out of the basement is ongoing for many homeowners. A total flood, with several inches of water covering the floor, usually results in lasting, catastrophic damage. The destruction to a finished basement that’s being used as a room can run cost thousands of dollars. Get a Free Quote

Why You Need A Sump Pump

Any basement waterproofing system is not complete without a working sump pump. A sump pump’s main job is to reduce the risk of water damage to the underground part of a home’s foundation.

Homes that are susceptible to repeated flooding need extra protection, otherwise the repeated strain on the drainage system and foundation from the water pressure, not only on the outside, but on the inside can result in the slow degrading of the very foundation of the home.

If you want to keep your basement dry and prevent basement flooding issues, you need a sump pump, period. Also a check valve is very a crucial component of the sump pump system to work as it should. If you live in the Toronto or GTA Area and are looking for sump pump installation, replacement or an inspection, trust Royal Work Corp. to ensure your equipment is working properly for flood protection.

Prevent Flooding With a Sump Pump

For homeowner’s who have installed the standard waterproofing measures, including extra drainage, there is an additional solution to consider. One of the best ways to prevent extreme flooding is the proper installation of a sump pump in Toronto.

A sump pump is a device that’s installed in a water collection pit below ground level of the basement floor. Even though it’s below the basement floor, the sump pump should never be installed lower than the foundation drainage system. When the water level rises to a certain point in the pit, the sump pump is activated and it starts pumping the water into an outlet pipe that moves the water away from the basement and the rest of the house structure.

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Sump Pump Details

Which Type of Sump Pump is Best?

There are a lot of things to consider when installing a new sump pump, or replacing an old one, including what type of pump is best suitable to the needs of your home. The two basic types of pumps are the pedestal pump and the submersible pump. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

The submersible sits in the bottom of the sump pit and it goes into action when the water level rises above it. It detects water levels from a floating detector that’s connected to the pump with a wire. The submersible pump is designed to handle dirt and debris through a filter, so it may not break down as much, but getting to the motor is difficult because it’s in a sealed casing.

The pedestal pump switches on when the water level reaches the pump itself, which is installed at a higher level in the sump pit. Pedestal pumps can burn out because water gets sucked right into the pump and loose debris can clog it and cause it to malfunction. However, the simple design makes it easier to access for repair and maintenance.

More on the Installation Process

Another consideration when selecting the right pump is the size and depth of the pit it sits in. Standard sump pits are 24” deep, but quickly overflow in heavy rainstorms because the pump can’t remove water fast enough. Some experts believe a wider pit is better because it gives the pump time to turn on and off. A sump pump can go into overload and burn out the motor if it doesn’t have time to rest between pumping cycles. It’s important to make sure the pit is wide and deep enough. A good contractor can recommend the best size for the sump pit.

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The Importance of Check Valve Position

Check Valve Position on a Sump Pump

The check valve on a sump pump should be low to the ground to cut down on the amount of water that could drain back into the pit after the pumping cycle is over. Any drainage professional will check that the valve is in the proper location as this can be a major factor in ensuring your basement stays dry.

However, some sump pump’s check valve can be installed inside of unit itself, but the installation and maintenance would considerably more complicated. Just be aware of that issue if you are purchasing a new sump pump or talk with your contractor to ensure you get what you need.

It’s also important to make sure the sump pump has a backup power supply other than the electrical cord. Power outages during severe weather pose an inconvenience that could result in disaster for basement floods. If you lose power to your home during a heavy rainstorm, the motor on the sump pump will stop, and the water level in your basement will rise. It is always wise to install a sump pump battery back up to prevent flooding.

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