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Foundation Repair Toronto

Foundation issues are known to cause leaks in your basement. Let the team from Royal Work help repair the foundational cracks in the wall or floor of your home.
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It’s not always easy to determine if a leak or crack in the basement is a small problem that’s easy to fix, or part of a larger problem that involves the foundation of your home. This can lead to bigger safety issues with the whole structure. Its recommended to have a professional inspection done by Royal Work Corp. for home foundation repair in Toronto. Complete Homeowner’s Guide To Foundation Cracks
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How Can You Tell if There is a Problem With Your Foundation?

With foundation cracks, or spots, that are discolored, it is best to hire professionals who have experience with these types of repairs. A healthy, well maintained foundation is crucial for the health of your entire home.

So how you can tell if a problem may turn into something bigger? There are certain things to look for on the inside and outside of your foundation and basement that require an inspection by a licensed contractor:


  • You can have either internal cracks or external cracks inside your basement walls or foundation.Cracks on the outside of your foundation lead to leaks and they get worse over time.
  • Moisture or mildew problems. A moldy smell in a basement, or visible signs of mold and fungus may indicate that the waterproof membrane barriers covering the inside, and outside, of the foundation have been breached. The problem will only spread if the waterproofing materials are not replaced.
  • Any spots on the foundation walls that seem to be crumbling. Concrete floor installation that’s crumbling is no longer strong enough to withstand hydrostatic pressure from the outside. Additionally, concrete that has weakened creates a safety threat to the entire building structure.

Professional Foundation Repair in Toronto

  • Interior cracks in the sheet rock and drywall – these may have started on the outside and have worked their way in. This can also indicate a weakening of the concrete foundation from expanding and contracting with temperature extremes – or a shift in the backfill. Once moisture is getting past the foundation walls – it spreads to the inside building materials and shows up as cracks and leaks.
  • Water stains by the baseboards or up by the ceiling. This type of leak may indicate a void in the foundation between the basement footings and the foundation wall, or the foundation wall and the basement wall. Either scenario is allowing moisture to collect on the inside of the foundation.
  • Changes in the level of the basement floor. Any spots that seem to dip where they didn’t before, or floors that seem to slope are symptomatic of a larger problem with the concrete slab underneath the basement floor. A problem with the slab will affect the surrounding walls and footings since they’re all connected.
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    What You Need to Know

    What is the Meaning of Foundation Repair?

    After discussing why foundation damage occurs, we may now discuss its repair. What exactly does foundation repair entail? In simple words, a planned repair entails putting supports beneath the house, then lifting and anchoring the foundation to its previous position. In other words, raising and stabilizing the foundation. 

    This procedure is also known as “house leveling” or “foundation leveling” your home may be level once the process is complete. It is primarily about performance, restoring the foundation’s appropriate operation, strength and stability. 

    Plan for Foundation Repair

    Having a plan is the first step in foundation repair and restoration in Toronto and across the GTA. When a foundation repair professional inspects your home, they will often design a basic plan indicating where your property requires any crack repairs and if it needs any additional support to keep it supported in its original location. The foundation repair plan will specify the support locations and the quantity of support required. Typically, the supports are along a part of the home’s perimeter and underneath the original foundation.

    Depending on the strategy, support points are typically 7 feet apart and follow the perimeter of the home. In approximately 10% of instances, you may also need to install supports underneath the home’s middle section.

    Support Installation

    The supports beneath your home are sometimes referred to as “Basement underpinning” However, depending on the method utilized to restore your foundation, you are more likely to hear them referred to as “piers” or “pilings.” to support the overall structure of your home. These piers or pilings (or piles for short) resemble the columns, cylindrical columns on the front porch of a plantation-style mansion. Imagine subsurface stilts holding up your home, as if they were on stilts.

    House Elevation

    After installing the ground supports, the foundation experts will lift the sunken areas of the home and confirm that the foundation has restored to its previous height and level. The house is elevated using the pushed pile method when the pile in the ground exerts upward pressure on the house. This is comparable to placing a battery in a device that is held in place by a spring. The spring represents the ground, while the compressed pile represents the battery. Shimming is used to ensure the correct elevation once the house has been elevated using jacks. This ensures the structural integrity of the foundation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Find out what you need to know regarding foundation repair services

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    How much does foundation repair cost?
    Overall, foundation repair costs typically range from $2,000 to $7,500, with a national average of $4,500. So a few hundred bucks might fill a very small crack, but a serious foundation problem could cost $15,000 to over $25,000.
    How long does it take to fix the foundation of a house
    Foundation repairs on the house usually take about 2-3 days. However, many factors and variables may shorten or lengthen the period.
    Is it worth fixing a foundation?
    The short answer is yes. If you see any signs of damage, you should repair your foundation. The foundation is the base of the entire building structure and is extremely dangerous if left untouched.
    What type of foundation repair is best?
    Steel piers are highly recommended as a permanent repair solution for foundations. Steel piers are strong and can be driven up to 100 feet, giving your home foundation incredible stability.
    Can foundation problems be fixed permanently?
    There are many ways to repair your home's foundation, most of which are considered permanent solutions. However, just because your foundation repair is considered permanent doesn't mean your foundation won't have problems again.
    Can a house collapse from foundation issues?
    The answer is yes, but it's not that simple. It can be years before serious underlying problems cause your home to collapse. Most often, this focuses on a specific area of the house.
    How do I prepare for foundation repair?
    Check out this video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7tS7AQ4WP8

    Foundation Repair Experts in Toronto

    Royal Work is a company of dedicated waterproofing experts. We have many years of experience diagnosing foundation and basement problems all over Toronto and the GTA. As a company that specializes in foundation repairs, we will be able to quickly diagnose a serious problem with any building foundation and offer an effective, budget friendly and lasting solution. Our licensed experts use the latest technology and materials to diagnose and repair foundation cracks. Call us today for a no obligation inspection and estimate.

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