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Author: Alex Shuvalov

What Is the Cost of Underpinning a Basement?

There are many problems you may run into when you get a house for the first time, and one of them is underpinning a basement. When it comes to home ownership in the Toronto area, you should always have professional waterproofing contractors or even structural engineers you trust available if you need these kinds of […]

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Basement Leak Repair Services in Toronto

Having leaks in your basement could be worrying, especially if you don’t address the problem soon. These issues can affect the structure of your basement and even harm the overall foundations of your property. Therefore, getting basement leak repair services in Toronto is essential. Across the GTA, there are numerous companies that can help you […]

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Basement Flooding in Toronto: Causes and How To Safeguard Your Home From Its Effects

Do you have flooding problems in your Toronto home? This guide will teach you how to prevent basement flooding and deal with any resulting damage. Topics covered include common causes, effects, and solutions to the problem.

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Basement Seepage Problems after Heavy Rain in Toronto Ontario

A Comprehensive Guide To Leaky Walls or Basement Seepage in Toronto, Ontario If you have a home in Toronto, Ontario and it has a basement or crawl space, you may have probably experienced basement seepage or water leaks after heavy rains. One of the reasons for this is the water table in the Toronto area […]

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Wet Basement in Toronto? The Best Waterproofing Solutions

A leaky basement is one of those home-ownership nightmares that must be dealt with right away. Not only is a wet basement unattractive and uninhabitable, but it can also lead to serious structural and health problems for your family members. If you’re dealing with a wet or leaky basement in Toronto, you’re not alone. In […]

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Water Damage Toronto – Protect Your Basement Against Water Damage

Water damage is a serious concern for homeowners, and it can cause severe structural problems to your home if not addressed quickly and correctly. The damage is costly and time-consuming to repair and can also be a health hazard. If you’ve experienced water damage, don’t panic – there are professionals who can help. Water damage […]

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How a Backwater Valve Works: Does Your Home Need A Backflow Valve?

Backwater valves are installed in sewer lines to prevent sewage and wastewater from flowing back up into a home or business through the drains. When installed properly, a backwater valve will allow wastewater to flow out of the building while preventing it from flowing back in. Backwater valves are most often installed in the Toronto […]

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Best Basement Waterproofing for Toronto Homes & Why Is It Important?

Are you looking for the best basement waterproofing in Toronto? Any homeowner would want to ensure their home is in perfect condition and that all potential threats are properly dealt with. One of the most important parts of the home is the basement. If the structural integrity of the basement is compromised, it can lead […]

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Common Foundation Problems & Proven Solutions From Foundation Experts In Toronto

After a long day’s work, you need a place you can lay your head and rest peacefully. To make this possible, your home needs to be in tip-top condition. Yet, some of the most crucial parts of the home often get overlooked because they are not visible. One of them is the foundation. Did you […]

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Basement Waterproofing Services to Protect Your Home in Toronto, Ontario

Homes in Toronto come in all shapes and sizes, but you are bound to find a basement in almost every one of them. Basements are often used as storage areas and laundry rooms but in most cases, they are remodeled into decent living spaces. No matter how you use your basement, they all face the […]

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